October 8

Kindness, Connections, and Caring in 4th Grade

The last two and a half weeks have been full of special and meaningful moments in 4th Grade. We have had the opportunity to visit Hillel Lodge twice and connect with our friends there. The first visit had us baking sugar cookies with Barbara and boy we found out that we sure can bake. Our cookies were delicious!

The second visit had us learning how to make shofars with Rabbi Blum. We all took turns in making the shofar and we enjoyed the whole process.

Since our workshop was on a Friday we got to celebrate Shabbat with the residents and Rabbi Blum. We really enjoyed praying and singing together for Shabbat. It was the perfect way to get ready for Rosh Hashanah. I have to say that Morah Yardena found it to be a very moving experience watching the children and the residents together.  We might have had a few tears in our eyes as well.

This picture below captures what our visits to Hillel Lodge is all about making connections.

Last week the Grade 4 classes were introduced to a new program called the Privilege of Giving where we will volunteer our time to help out at school. Each week a few students will be chosen to take part in the Privilege of Giving. Dr. Marcovitz will visit 4A and 4B  each Friday to watch the chosen students write their names into the special giving book. The students then get to help out around the school. Our first two students Emet and Talia had the pleasure of accompanying Dr. Marcovitz on his Friday class visits to ask wonderful questions and hand out stickers. The students will get to help out in the school this week too. One student wrote that Each step of kindness is a step in changing the world. Dr. Marcovitz and I cannot wait to see all the kindness and giving that Grade 4 will do this year. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

We have also started The AYT (Aseret Yimei Teshuva) Challenge. We will focus on positive speech for one hour every day including weekends, and holidays. The challenge began last Friday and will continue for the month of Tishrei. The students have been using their positive speech throughout the day and have been staying away from Lashron Hararh. Morah Yardena and I been doing activities with the students to show that positive words matter and it is hard to take unkind words back.

The Grade 4 Team wishes all of our families an easy and meaningful fast.

Teaching and learning about kindness with toothpaste 

“Words are like toothpaste…. easy to come out, but almost impossible to get back in.”

Grade 4 was quite impacted by this experience and realized how much their words matter and the effect that they have in others.

Our grade 4 students worked well together to come up with kind words to say to others as well as the many ways they can practice being kind to one another at school and at home.



October 7

Fall Run

This is just a reminder that Grade 4 is attending the Fall Run sporting event on Thursday 10th October from 9:30am until approx 1:30pm.

Students will need to arrive at school in their sports clothing. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, I would suggest students bring layers of clothing (sweatpants, t-shirt, hoody, light rain jacket, and sneakers). The races are staggered so alongside cheering and supporting other groups, there will be downtime. I encourage students to bring along a book or playing cards. I will bring a soccer ball (space depending!) Beyblades will not be allowed on this field trip. 

Students will be eating snacks and lunch outdoors so ensure to pack food that needs minimal preparation and leaves zero trace at the track field.

September 22

קבלת שבת ביחד עם כיתה ה

What a wonderful way to welcome Shabbat together with Kitah Hay, singing and reciting Kiddush together!  Kitah Dalet is looking forward to many more together with the OJCS fam!  Thank you for inviting us Dr. Sagi and Kitah Hay! תודה רבה

kol hakavod to our leader chazanim Ben Dougherty (gr. 5) and Efraim Levitan (4B)!

וכיתה ד1 נהנים לעשות קידוש עם כוונה! – Kitah dalet 1 does kiddush together and help each other!

September 10


Dear Parents,

We are starting our year with our 7 habits, beginning with the end in mind, teaching our students to be self-directed learners.  I understand, that it might seem challenging in another language, but it is important to remember that these are our building blocks. Students can realize that it is okay if they don’t understand or recognize some words. In their readings at home, I strongly encourage them to read the text two times on their own and to underline, highlight or circle any words that they are not familiar with.  The next day,  they  come to class  eager to look them up and work together with me and their peers to clarify and include the words in their personal dictionaries for future reference. There are also questions that they can answer if they have time in class.  We will continue to work on these skills of owning their own learning and being proactive.

The goal at home is to read independently, working their way through the text and practicing their reading. The vocabulary piece will be emphasized in Hebrew class.

This is how we learn. When we step out of our comfort zone, that is when real learning takes place! That being said, we will recognize IVRIT B’IVRIT (speaking only Hebrew in class).  One step at a time ,with more determination, I am confident that we will make progress and the results will be worth it! 🙂

Every day for their reading, students are encouraged to:

-Read the text twice

-Indicate any words that need understanding

Should you have any questions, please contact me:



September 6

A great week in Kitah Dalet!

The first week in Kitah Dalet has been great. Students are enjoying a smaller class setting and are getting right back into a good routine. We are so happy to welcome our new students Eliya and Patrick. They have made lots of friends in Kitah Dalet already. It is heartwarming to see how everyone has reached out and made them feel right at home in our school.

We have taken time to review the 7 Habits that we will be following this year to reach the OJCS North Stars. During a class discussion, one child said our learning is like a ladder that we can keep climbing and learning and go higher than Grade 4. Another student said our learning has infinite possibilities. A special web activity taught us how it is important to work together and be responsible for each other.

We, teachers, think our students are going to reach for the stars and have an amazing year!

The Grade 4 Team

May 27

Reading recordings for the Week of May 27th

all reading parts this week are about Jerusalem. Following are the parts and questions. Please answer in your machberet with full sentences.



1. בידי מי היה הכותל המערבי 19 שנים?

2. מה שם המלחמה בשנת 1967 וכמה ימים היא היתה?😉



1. כמה שערים יש בחומת העיר העתיקה?

2. יש שער אחד סגור. מה שמו?



1. באיזה תאריך כבשו חיילי צה”ל את העיר העתיקה?

2. דרך איזה שער נכנסו חיילי צה”ל לעיר העתיקה?



1.מה מציין יום ירושלים?

2. לאן הולכים בעצרת ירושלים?

May 6

Reading Homework

  1. Your homework assignment for the coming two weeks is to read your book and do the following:

If you got the book  – אם תרצו אין זו אגדה – you need to read and do only assignment number 1.

  1. Write 10 new words and their translation, so you can explain them to your group.
  2. Write a minimum of three questions about your story (you will discuss it with the group who read the same story).
  3. For those who choose a challenge: Write a sentence with each of the new words you taught yourself.

This assignment is due Friday, May 17th.

Following are the recordings for the book אם תרצו אין זו אגדה

Pages 3-9:

Pages 10-14:

Pages 15-24:

May 2

Tonight I Remember… אנחנו זוכרים

Both yesterday and today we learned about Yom Hashoah in class, with Liam, Inbar and Morah Ada.

To help remember the people who lost their lives we will each remember a specific person.

Please add, in the comment space, who you remember… and tell us a bit about them.

We also invite whoever reads our post to add names they choose to remember or share a story from their own family’s history.

As per you request, here is the movie we watched together: הכוכב של אנדרה וטאטי

מעין זוכרת